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Technical Support in Healthcare Litigation

Technical Support in Healthcare Litigation

We support lawyers engaged in litigation by providing scientific expertise relating to medicines, medical devices and healthcare products.

Disputes can arise in any business and the threat of prosecution exists particularly in the healthcare industry. It is all too easy for disagreements to arise between companies over commercial matters or for an inadvertent breach of the law to come to the attention of the Authorities. Claims for injury can be brought by a patient or the case might involve infringement of a patent or trademark.

Whether the need is to avoid litigation or to take responsive action, it is likely to involve the legal profession, either to bring a case against the offending party or provide a defence. The location might be a court of law, a tribunal or a hearing before the appropriate body.

Cases involving highly scientific disciplines are often won on technical rather than legal issues. Instructed lawyers therefore need rapid access to a team of specialists with knowledge of R&D for pharmaceutical and other healthcare products and who are experienced in providing expert opinions and positive recommendations.

Technical support can be provided by Wainwright Associates in most of the disciplines relevant to the healthcare industry. A team of specialists with qualifications in pharmacy, medicine, chemistry and biology is always available. Working with many of the major multinationals worldwide, the team has substantial knowledge of the research and development process and of the commercial issues involved.

We have been instructed by solicitors, patent agents and management consultants as well as senior management in industry. Projects undertaken have involved pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, foods and chemicals, including products from biotechnological sources.

Our role can be flexible, from providing a scientific opinion on practices in R&D to a full assessment of technical reports. Locating relevant documentation to form the basis of competent evidence is all part of the service. We are used to writing and swearing affidavits and, if appropriate, attendance in court can be arranged as Expert Witness.

Our clients have included some of the world's largest multinational healthcare companies as well as start-up and virtual companies.

We enjoy challenges and tackle every project with a determination to win. Through creative teamwork we use both our imaginative and technical skills to offer positive arguments in support of the case.

The Wainwright Associates team has successfully fought and won cases before all the following bodies:

  • Arbitrators
  • Customs & Excise
  • High Court
  • Industrial Tribunals
  • Patent Offices
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Trade Mark Registries
  • Trading Standards Organisations