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Literature Searching

Literature Searching

A well planned and executed literature search is invaluable

On-Line Literature Searching

The amount of information published on the Internet is vast.  It is becoming faster and more efficient to use virtual libraries then traditional paper ones.
The key to obtaining the right information is a well-planned literature search using one or more of the on-line databases (e.g. Medline or Embase) available. These databases are updated daily and provide archive material covering several decades.

Wainwright Associates can generate a literature search to meet your requirements, order references and prepare reports summarising the relevant information.  We can also advise on dates of first approval of specified products in various countries and provide copies of relevant literature.
We can also provide regular updates on a particular topic, alerting you to new developments. By letting Wainwright Associates do all the legwork this will save your company and employees their valuable time which can be dedicated to completing other tasks and responsibilities.